"The Never Ending Defender is very comfortable, it definitely feels like somebody is playing defense on you. It’s challenging as an offensive player because it’s forcing me to perform with a defender in my face and focus on my form. "

- Coach Carlos, Owner UYP Basketball

"I would highly recommend the Never Ending Defender to any middle school, high school, or college level basketball players that are looking to take their game to the next level. "

- Andrew Brunn, High School & AAU Basketball Coach

"The Never Ending Defender forces you to do little things that you don’t realize. You don’t realize how much you’re looking at the floor when you dribble, you don’t realize that you’re not focusing on the rim. Things like that, that your subconscious deals with, the Never Ending Defender actually takes care of. The defender is a great device!"

- Steven Culp, High School Basketball Coach & Trainer

"It was the only product that was actually challenging my vision when I was shooting. It's also challenging when I’m dribbling. Great product! "

- Riley, D2 College Player

"When I’m using it I feel like I’m literally working with someone with their hand in my face. It could be a tool that a coach could use during practice in station work."

- Jimmy Hall, Former D1 & Current Professional Player