What is the Never Ending Defender and how does it work?

In order for basketball players to experience success in games, it is essential for practice to simulate game-like circumstances.

The Never Ending Defender is a Basketball training device developed to teach you to shoot with a defender in your face and practice dribbling without seeing the ball. When properly adjusted, every time you shoot the ball the device will block your eyes like a real defender. When practicing dribbling, the device will block your vision from the ball. The Never Ending Defender is the only training device on the market that moves with you and will simulate a real live defender playing defense on whatever skill you are training.

  • Recommended for males and females ages 6-17
  • Adjustable to one-size-fits-all
  • Simulate an immersive in-game experience
  • Provides a defender to contest all shots when practicing
  • Completely blocks the view of the ball when dribbling
  • Provides a defender to practice against that cannot be outworked
  • Intuitively moves with the player
  • Perfect for safely practicing and building skills in the current COVID environment
  • Comfortable, easy to use, lightweight, sturdy, safe, and does not interfere with natural player movement

How do I adjust the Never Ending Defender properly?

What is the return policy on the Never Ending Defender?

We accept returns on any Never Ending Defender device with a confirmed manufacturer’s defect and with original sales receipt.

How do I wash the Never Ending Defender?

Remove shield apparatus from vest via velcro attachments, machine wash vest. Machine wash on delicate or slow wash setting, hot water, hang dry. Do not put in the dryer.

Use disinfectant spray on all other components.

Failure to follow these instructions may result in damage to the device. Returns will not be accepted due to user’s failure to following proper washing instructions.  

How do I setup the Never Ending Defender for the first time?

To Contact Never Ending Defender Please Email: Wesigbrandon@yahoo.com